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Hair Dye!

Hi! It's Kelly here, just wanted to give you guys a quick review on these two different types of pillar box red hair dye. Being in a Paramore Tribute band I like to get things as close as possible! Basically, if you want a Hayley Williams kind of red, you are best getting the Live colour and not the Directions colour. Although they both are pillar box red, the Directions colour comes out more pink than vibrant red! Both colours are semi permanent and the Directions colour is nicer to apply to the hair but the Live colour definitely has the best outcome. I wash my hair every day and so I found that the Directions colour lasts a few more washes than the live colour as it washes out after a few days. I'm going to try another Directions colour - coral red and poppy red to see if I like them, so will let you know!