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Today we got our band tickets for Tribfest! Wooooohoooo! We had such a great time last year that this year, we are going for the whole weekend and will soak up the tribute atmosphere!

You learn so much from watching the other tribute bands, watching how they interact with the crowd, how they generally perform, what they're wearing, watching to see if they actually use the same accent when talking in between songs and how far they take the impersonation.

Being in a Paramore Tribute band we like to get our sound & look right however, I choose not to use an accent, because I'm clearly not Hayley Williams and I'd make such a rubbish unconvincing job trying to have an American accent! Although I love singing her songs, having red hair, 'oranging' up my mic & wearing similar clothes etc, I personally think, me trying to talk like Hayley is taking it a bit far and I feel it can look cheesy if you don't get it right! So I don't do that bit.

Over the years, I've only found a handful of bands that have everything! Some tributes look like the band/act but don't sound like them, some don't look like them but the band/act sound like them, it's very rare to find a band that has it all! There were quite a few bands/acts that had it all at Tribfest, who are playing again this year and I can't wait to see them again!!!