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The UK tour and The Royal Albert Hall

UK Tour

We've been around for about 4 years and have just finished our busiest tour to date. We've been on the road with Green Haze and The Offspin who are both incredible (we highly suggest checking them out).

Here we all are!

Expect a tour video soon...

Paramore at The Royal Albert Hall

To say we were incredibly excited about this is a massive understatement. Here's a few pics from the day:

Did anyone spot our banner at the concert? Hayley did!!


We're looking forward to seeing you on the road soon!

Paramore (Or Less)

This year so far....

We have had some amazing gigs so far this year! Fat Lil's in Oxford was completely insane! The Underworld in Camden was awesome for us because we teamed up with the Offspin & Green Haze but not only that, we got to stand on a stage that Paramore performed on back in 2007 on their Riot tour!! Then Saturday (30th April)  we played the Brooklyn Bowl at the O2 London !!! Oh my days! What a gig! We loved sharing the stage with Fell Out Boy and One Eighty Two! There is some footage of it on You Tube. We then played Teddy Rocks Festival which we thoroughly enjoyed because it's for such a good cause fighting children's cancer with Rock! 

We are looking forward to more shows coming up in May - Wedgewood Rooms with Saints of Sin and Nirvanarama! & at the Alex Southampton & Phoneyfest Eastleigh! 

hopefully see you at a gig or two! 

Oh and by the way, I have ordered some of Hayley's new hair dye! Good Dye Young! Can't wait for it to arrive!!

Blog update!!

Hello! Sorry not been blogging for a while, I have been so busy. We will be releasing our new promo vid soon which we are excited about! We have lots of awesome gigs coming up so please check out the gigs section to see where we are playing. 

As the wedding season kicks in some of the band are booked out in other bands so you may notice they are replaced with some awesome deps. Each band member has a dep so we can continue to run this well oiled machine all year round! I'd like to thank James & Ted who cover for Boyd on drums when he's booked out! Also thanks to Niall who covers when Glenn or Stu are busy and finally, like to say thank you to Harry who covers bass when Aidan is busy!! We are all a big circle of friends who help each other out when needs be. 

As for me? Well, I'm always around ;) 

See you guys at a gig soon


Festival gigs & keeping dyed red hair vibrant!

Hello, Kelly here, as you can see we have been playing at a few festivals lately and we have been camping at all of them to soak up the awesome atmosphere! I have been lucky enough to find showers at the festivals I have been staying at. So in order to keep my hair colour vibrant I have been using a conditioner which brings the colour back! Colour Revive is great! It costs around £10 per bottle and it really does work a treat! 


Hair dye update!!

Hello! Kelly here, as you may have read a few blogs back, I said that I was experimenting with different types of red hair dye. Well, I have tried this new colour and I LOVE IT! It's a semi permanent colour, I always use semi permanent because it's kind to your hair. This colour is bright and vibrant, it stays vibrant for a little longer than the other two colours  and it's quite cheap at around £3 per bottle!! 



Hi guys! We had a totally awesome gig on Saturday at the Brook in Southampton. Green-ish Day were great and we thank them for having us on board to support them! It is always nice to work with those guys!  


We havnt got a public gig for a while, but we have this to look forward to and are so chuffed to be a part of this awesome line up! 


Paramore Tribute band

Really looking forward to our gig this Saturday 9th May at the Brook in Portswood!

Gigs are coming in thick and fast at the mo & we have just confirmed to play at this awesome festival in sept for MacMillan Cancer Trust at The Seagull in Fareham.


New track release

We are looking forward to releasing our new cover of That's What You Get tomorrow at 2pm! As a Paramore Tribute band we like to get things as close to the original as possible. We have also done a little vid to go with it using Stu's new toy! 

Hair Dye!

Hi! It's Kelly here, just wanted to give you guys a quick review on these two different types of pillar box red hair dye. Being in a Paramore Tribute band I like to get things as close as possible! Basically, if you want a Hayley Williams kind of red, you are best getting the Live colour and not the Directions colour. Although they both are pillar box red, the Directions colour comes out more pink than vibrant red! Both colours are semi permanent and the Directions colour is nicer to apply to the hair but the Live colour definitely has the best outcome. I wash my hair every day and so I found that the Directions colour lasts a few more washes than the live colour as it washes out after a few days. I'm going to try another Directions colour - coral red and poppy red to see if I like them, so will let you know!



We had a good rehearsal on Sunday! Was nice to get in the room & dust off the cobwebs ready for our next gig. Stu had a new 'man' toy!  We all played with it! Video will be up soon!  

Don't forget to email us if you want one of these tickets to our Gig at the Brook Sat 9th May. We are supporting Greenish Day again and last time was totally Rad!!



Today we got our band tickets for Tribfest! Wooooohoooo! We had such a great time last year that this year, we are going for the whole weekend and will soak up the tribute atmosphere!

You learn so much from watching the other tribute bands, watching how they interact with the crowd, how they generally perform, what they're wearing, watching to see if they actually use the same accent when talking in between songs and how far they take the impersonation.

Being in a Paramore Tribute band we like to get our sound & look right however, I choose not to use an accent, because I'm clearly not Hayley Williams and I'd make such a rubbish unconvincing job trying to have an American accent! Although I love singing her songs, having red hair, 'oranging' up my mic & wearing similar clothes etc, I personally think, me trying to talk like Hayley is taking it a bit far and I feel it can look cheesy if you don't get it right! So I don't do that bit.

Over the years, I've only found a handful of bands that have everything! Some tributes look like the band/act but don't sound like them, some don't look like them but the band/act sound like them, it's very rare to find a band that has it all! There were quite a few bands/acts that had it all at Tribfest, who are playing again this year and I can't wait to see them again!!!